Glastonbury Festival 2015


In 2015 Shakti Sings were given the mission to help reduce the use of  Nitrous Oxide at the Stone Circle and to bring some harmony back to this scared area of the festival.

An extract from the official Glastonbury website highlights the problem:


A note from Liz Eliot, the co-ordinator of Glastonbury’s Green Fields, ahead of this year’s festival

Sadly the King’s Meadow has lost its way. It’s become known as a place where people take nitrous oxide, a damaging drug which pollutes our beautiful field with noise, litter and N2O gas (a greenhouse gas which is 298 times more polluting than carbon dioxide). Nitrous oxide is also dangerous: an exploding canister was the source of a major injury at last year’s Glastonbury.

It breaks our hearts to see our Sacred Space used this way – and we know from many messages we’ve received over the last few years that lots of you feel the same way.

But the arrival of so much nitrous oxide in the King’s Meadow – some two tonnes of canisters were picked up, by hand, at Glastonbury 2014 – has darkened the field’s atmosphere. Now, though, is the time to reclaim the spirit and lighten up the energies. Nitrous oxide will not be welcome in the King’s Meadow at Glastonbury 2015, and we will be asking people not to use it.

Each year we come together to share the magic of this truly wonderful festival. Please show your love for the event and each other by showing your appreciation of the land and our spiritual connection to it.

Help us – please do not bring nitrous oxide onto the site and support us by not using it in the King’s Meadow.

Thank you.

Liz Eliot
April 2015

We had an amazing week encouraging people to connect through song, whilst spreading the message about looking after the land and keeping the area nitrous oxide free.

Good news on the clear up after the 2015 festival Central Somerset Gazette Article:

 Glasto 2015 Nitrous Oxide Canisters