Lift Shares

We encourage people to share transport as much as possible to the choir rehearsals and events. Along with looking after the planet, people can save money, get to know each other and have fun on the journey!





There are Freewheeler pages set up for all our rehearsals and Sing to the Land events. You will need to register with the site but it is free to use.

Rehearsal – 17th October 2015

Sing to the Land @ Cirencester – 18th October 2015

Rehearsal – 14th November 2015

Sing to the Land @ Stonehenge – 22nd December 2015

Rehearsal – 23rd January 2016

Rehearsal – 20th February 2016

Rehearsal – 5th March 2016

Sing to the Land @ Gloucestershire – 6th March 2016

Rehearsal – 9th April 2016

Rehearsal – 21st May 2016