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This is a selection of some of the songs we have sung over the years, including those written especially for the Choir to sing at Glastonbury Festival to remind people to care for the land.

Ancector Chant – Nickomo Clarke

Bambelala – Traditional African

Down on the Farm – Helen Yeomans

Flame – Susie Prater

Happy – Pharrell Williams (Arr. Susie Prater)

He Atua – Nickomo Clarke

Kaki Lambe – Traditional (Arr. Brian Tate)

Leave no Trace – Susie Prater

Lift up Your Hands – Helen Yeomans

Love is Like a River – Nick Prater

Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson (Arr. Susie Prater)

Marriage to the Earth – Helen Yeomans

Motherland – Helen Yeomans

Sin Je – Traditional

Sing to the Land – Nickomo Clarke

Siyahumba – Traditional South African

Until the World is Singing – Susie Prater

Up in the Greenfields – Susie Prater

Wake Up – Nick Prater