Gaia’s Guardians

Nothing Can Be Hidden

Gaia’s Guardians are a group of volunteers who seek to protect our rivers, oceans and land. There is an abundance of literature and research about the state of our natural environment and many campaign groups seeking to change opinions and behviours – this is an important part of changing or relationship with the Earth, but our approach is to touch people’s hearts and make people conscious stewards of the earth through song and sacred interaction. We hope to persuade others to help create and hold sacred spaces, recognising the inherent purity of the Earth and its rivers and oceans. We work at festivals and events, creating ways to interact with the public that touch their hearts and connect them to the Earth. Shakti Sings is part of our overall programme, singing at public events to raise consciousness. You can become a Gaia Guardian. We welcome new volunteers – join us!

‘Being a part of Shakti Sings is an honour. We share such a range of experiences in the music, dressing up in all our funniest and finest and performing in all conditions. The songs we learn, with much humour and kindness, are wonderful as are our lovely, amazing choir leaders.and loving community which so many other opportunities have grown out of. Thank you.’ – Karina, 23



Keep your eyes open, look at how beautiful and special the Earth really is.

On your own:

  • Pledge to protect the river or ocean nearest to your home or work by finding out about it, creating small sacred shrines and spending time at waters edge.
  • Pledge to protect the river, ocean, or part of it, that you can by keeping it clean, simple litter picking, reporting nuisance or damage, and having an understanding of the biology or ecology of the area.
  • Tune-in and connect to the spiritual guardians of the land and waters near you. Become united with those who have protected the Earth and Water selflessly for generations.


  • Join us at festivals and events as we use practical methods to persuade others to respect their environment and help them to understand how sacred the earth and waters really are.
  • Join us on our Sacred Journeys as we travel the country, blessing rivers, meeting and honouring spiritual beings and exploring ancient sites.
  • Let us know the name of the river or place you will hold sacred. We will attempt to join you with others in the same area as our numbers grow.

Gaia’s Guardians at Glastonbury Festival
The Gaia’s Guardians are just one group that aim to help keep the festival clean and green. Thousands of volunteers protect the soil and earth, the wildlife, keep the festival clean and make it greener each year. The Gaia’s Guardians offer entertaining and engaging ways to ask you politely and charmingly to Love the Farm and Leave No Trace

Please abide by the Glastonbury Festival Green Rules!

DO NOT PEE ANYWHERE ON SITE. The ground water runs into the central Whitelake River. The wildlife and fish are affected when nearly 200,000 revellers pee everywhere and the government Environment Agency test the water regularly. They have the power to close down the site if too many people have urinated and polluted the site. There are thousands of toilets, please use them.

Public urination is an arrestable offence and this applies to all revellers, and any staff caught could be sacked on the spot. Toilets are checked twice a day and have cleaners and other staff ready to help.

USE BINS AND COMPOST YOUR WASTE. This festival produces a huge amount of waste and we do our best to collect, recycle and compost everything. Volunteer litter-pickers get up at 4am to clean up each day. Please help by doing your bit. You can grab waste and recycling bags at the steward points to each camp site and there are thousands of bins.

DON’T DROP CIGARETTE BUTTS. Smokers often don’t realise it but each cigarette can contaminate 8 litres of ground water when it’s dropped on the soil and it takes up to 14 years to degrade. Every butt has to be collected at the end of the festival to make sure the cows don’t eat them and they are not turned into the soil. Keep your butts for the bins, they are toxic and should be handled carefully.

SAVE WATER. Glastonbury festival organisers beg you to save water please by turning off taps and resisting the urge to wash your wellies in a running tap.

And finally……………….

Take your tent home!

Love the Farm, Leave no Trace.

Join the Gaia’s Guardians. We are volunteers that aim to protect rivers and the earth. Our aim is to help make citizens into conscious stewards of the earth, either through song, persuasion, creativity or sacred interaction. At a festival, or in your home town, become a Gaia Guardian. Visit our Gaia’s Guardians Glastonbury website at